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About Nicholas Willoughby

Hi, I am Nick Willoughby. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Coach. I am here to get you to your body goals. As a Bodybuilder and a Ex Professional Baseball player, not only do I have personal experience, but I have been coaching and training for nearly a dozen years now. I have been Bodybuilding for the past 4 years and am now Qualified for a pro show after doing only 2 shows.
Training under me we will work in overdrive to get you to you body goals. We will structure diets and workouts to specifically to crush your goals and get you the body of your dreams.
I offer both in person and online training as well as group training for my Body Building Team.

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In September of 2019, I started with Nick in person while he lived in Baltimore MD.  I was 55 and had been a gym goer but never pushed myself. Nick was very knowledgeable, personable, and caring. My in person training ended when COVID hit. Nick moved to Florida and I saw my gains from the gym slipping away. Nick stayed in contact and told me  "Don't worry once the gyms reopen we will do Online training and get you back on track." He did! He gave me weekly workouts and a diet, Now 57 I can say im in the best shape of my Life


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I remember the first day I met Nick. I had done  two years of bodybuilding, learning the ropes on my own. I had hit a wall and I was stuck. I tried changing my plans and my meals and still it wasn't working out. It all changed the day I met Nick, he had the professional knowledge of bodybuilding but most importantly he provides very strong leadership and support. He never chased the money, he chases results and gave me the knowledge I need to improve and reach my goals. That's why I feel that Nick is the best personal trainer and body building coach as well as friend out there.


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St Petersburg Florida


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