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New Client Information Form

What are you looking for?
In-Person Training
Online Coaching
Nutrition Only
Both In-Person and Online
Do you currently track your food?
I have before, but not anymore
No, I never have
Do you have access to a full gym?

Packages Offered

  • Online Training

    Every month
    This includes custom training plans, personalized diet construction, regular check-ins to track your progress, and ongoing support through direct messaging
    • Personalized training programs
    • Customized diet (macros or meal plan recommendations)
    • Bi-weekly check-ins to monitor progress
    • Direct Communication for Support/Questions
  • In-Person Training

    This will include hands-on help with: appropriate warm up, personalized workouts, technique and form adjustments, motivation and intensity monitoring, stretching/cool down assistance (if needed)
    • Hands-on training ($70 per 1-Hour Session)
    • Location of your choice (home/apt gym or commercial gym)
  • Nutrition Only

    Every month
    This will include weekly check-ins to assess and adjust diet based on biofeedback
    • Macro-based or structured diet plan

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